H&M x Accenture - Sustainability Futurist Documentary Preview

The pace of change in the fashion industry has never been this fast, and will never ever be this slow again. Because of digital acceleration, we have all become technology companies with a license in our old industry. Meanwhile, technology is enabling us to ‘do more with less’, to focus less on the menial and the mundane, and more on the meaningful and the humane – to create within constraints.

The most ‘human touch’ in the customer journey is now the digital, contactless touch, and to win the digital minds and the enduringly analogue emotional hearts of tomorrow’s conscious consumer, we have to catalyse innovations within planetary constraints.

There is a collective awakening happening right now about the fragility of our natural environment and the disruption of the fashion industry value chain. Sustainability is not a fad – it is the biggest challenge and entrepreneurial opportunity since the dawn of industrialisation. It is time to liberate our human creativity and ingenuity.

This is not about the next collection, this is about systemic transformation. Sustainable will enduringly be - in fashion. The only way to sustain a competitive advantage is to innovate responsibly – to be both humanitarian and planetarian.

Yesterday, our customers elevated their consciousness. Today, it is our turn to join them.

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